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You may find that you have enormous difficulty in maintaining loving and trusting relationships, you may have low sense of worth and low self esteem, you may suffer from sexual difficulties and depression.

In order to try and block out the abuse and to cope you may be drinking heavily, taking drugs, self harming, suffering from eating disorders and may feel suicidal.

This view is based on the overlap between different forms of gendered violence for example, between domestic and sexual violence.

However, Women's Aid supports the position taken within the Women's National Committee report (Kelly & Lovett, 2005) that violence against women requires a coordinated and gendered approach.

It is important to share the way you are feeling with someone you can trust, someone who will be there for you to listen and give you support.

Talking about what has happened to you can make an enormous difference and can feel like a great weight being lifted from you.

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We meet to encourage and equip each other to reach our communities for God and to become all that God has intended us to be.

If you are an adult who was abused as a child it is possible that you may have never spoken to anyone about this.

Many adults keep this a secret well into their adult life and many find that the effect upon them has had devastating consequences not only throughout their childhood but also in their adult life.

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