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For sure the Sea Peoples movement was one of the largest and most important migration in history which changed the face of the ancient world more than any other single event before the time of Alexander the Great.

The earliest ethnic group later considered among the sea peoples is believed to be attested in Egyptian hieroglyphics on the "Byblos obelisk" (2000- 1700 BC) found in the Obelisk Temple at Byblos.

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Many attempts have been made to determine the origins of the various groups of Sea Peoples using textual and iconographic evidence, as well as the material culture of the Sea Peoples identified in Cyprus and the Levant.

The house measures 4 inches (10cm) wide, 3-1/2 inches (9cm) deep, 3-1/2 inches,(9cm) tall.

One of the highlights of an exhibition held in 2013 entitled ‘Bronze Age. Fourth - First millennia BC’, is a set of impressive artifacts known as the Eberswalde Hoard.

A study of African art history indicates the earliest sculpture forms found come from Nigeria and are dated around 500BC.

However, the lack of archaeological excavations inhibits knowledge of the antiquity of African art and the sheer disposable nature of the raw materials used in the creation of art objects means that an untold wealth of pieces have disintegrated in time.

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