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“The relationships register allows couples, regardless of their sex, [gender] or intersex status, to register their relationship and have their status as a couple formally and legally recognised.” He continued: “It will mean people will have a clear avenue to have their relationship legally recognised, but also will make the process of accessing their entitlements and asserting their rights, including in situations of a medical nature, far simpler.” Assistant Minister to the Premier Katrine Hildyard said: “This register is a huge step forward for equality.

“It means that all loving couples can have their relationship registered and it means that other couples will not experience what Marco Bulmer-Rizzi went through on the tragic death of his husband.

An aged care facility in Adelaide's north is trying to retain its federal accreditation after an audit revealed compliance failures in areas including clinical care, privacy, complaint handling, staffing and medication management.

As Adelaide stirs the pot with some major decisions regarding energy generation, let's take a look through history at some other big decisions that haven't turned out so well for the City of Churches.

Sex work won’t surge if it is decriminalised, Caruso added.

“The evidence from countries that have decriminalised sex work, such as New Zealand, is that decriminalisation does not increase the instances of work, but it does improve the health and safety of workers and it better enables them to leave the industry if they choose to do so,” he wrote.

The British government quickly changed its policy so that same-sex couples are shown on each other’s death certificates if one of them dies in Australia.

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Premier Jay Weatherill said: “From today, loving couples in South Australia can begin the process to register their relationships.

A person found guilty of making or sharing child pornography can be imprisoned for up to 10 years and be registered as a sex offender.

A senior Adelaide clinician warns about the number of South Australian men obsessed with body image at risk of damaging their health with steroids, saying the danger is "increasing at an alarming rate".

Mr Rau said in 2013 the State Government passed a law that makes such activities illegal."The act of distributing an invasive image without the consent of the person in the image is illegal in South Australia," he said."The penalty for this entirely new offence is up to two years' imprisonment."A police spokesperson said the website and the "actions of those responsible for acquiring and posting the images was being investigated by its commercial and electronic crime branch".

The spokesperson said that it was a crime for anyone to transmit or possess naked pictures of a person aged under 17, including teenagers photographing and sending images of their own body.

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