Modem router not updating ip address

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(These are both admin unless you changed them.) Go to the Wireless section and then click on Primary Network in the menu on your left.A new page will come up with the Network Name (SSID) and WPA Pre-Shared Key (wireless password) shown.If you are going to make a guide please do it all the way and the correct way.i doubt this has helped more than 10% of the people who looked at this...and for the other people, if the CMD says you need permission to do the action you are trying to have to exit out of the cmd, right click it and "Run as Administrator" Here is what I found on Microsoft's website.The following actions are taken if you select the Repair option on a LAN or high-speed Internet connection.NOTE: The actions occur in the order that they are listed.

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When the modem/router's user interface comes up, enter the username and password for the user interface and click Login.

Windows displayed unidentified network -no internet access.

Power cycled the modem, restarted the computers, still not getting connected.replaced Ethernet cables and checked the IP address.

Zoom cable modems have been certified by Cable Labs®, the cable service provider's primary test lab.

However, some cable service providers have their own certification process (click here for more information).

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