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The program was announced Monday afternoon at the Del Sesto Middle School, where Taboo appeared via Skype to answer a few questions from students.

He was asked to name his favorite musicians, and responded with a long list that included A Tribe Called Quest, Bob Marley, Prince, Kendrick Lamar and Gwen Stefani.

Some taboos regarding how to use chopsticks have developed during their long history.

For example, holding your chopsticks upright in your bowl is a bad manner. Because they seem burning incenses, which are strongly associated to tombs or graves of ancestors. Do not bring a watch as a a gift When they invite you to some social events, remember please to bring a gift to the host.

From that moment, “绿 帽子 (lǜ Maozi)” has become a cheating symbol.

So it is virtually impossible to find a green hat in the Chinese market! Vertical chopsticks Everybody knows that chopsticks or “筷子 (kuàizi)” are like knives and spoons for westerners.

I can watch you as you watch me or you can watch me.

Outfit requests, roleplays, and some specialised shows all available please email with requests and for info!

For Del Sesto Middle School, it's pop/rock (and classical) musician Ben Folds; for Roger Williams Middle School it's the multi-talented Valerie June, who plays what she calls "Organic Moonshine Roots Music"; for Gilbert Stuart Middle School it's Taboo (Jaime Luis Gomez), DJ and vocalist for the Black Eyed Peas.

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Everybody knows when you visit a foreign country you should adapt to the new environment. Some of them are pretty well known: for example, eating with hand, only the right hand, is common in India, Middle East and some African country. In Thailand, the head is sacred, so never touch somebody else’s head. There is even a saying about it: the most horrible color for a Chinese man hat is green. The dealer gave a green hat to wear to her husband when he would go out for work.

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